A Monologue On Love

A monologue on love is a love story of Samira, a young adult who has had her first and only relationship at the age of 18. The relation had left a great impact on her personal identity. The relationship eventually results in a marriage after a few years when her journey begins. Samira deeply in love faces challenges of her life story; the complexities, the doubts, the contradictions and the feelings of love and of hate. Avoiding the oversimplified solutions offered by others, she struggles to choose between her heart and her head and feels lost.

 This is a project containing photos and videos entirely documented without any staging or direction. The subject was accompanied by the photographer for a few months in most of the places she would commonly appear, work place, home, her friend’s houses and so on, and different moments of life were documented through this process. All of the monologues and texts were selected among many conversations with the subject herself and she has recited the selected parts for the monologue parts. There are some archive photographs from the family photo albums of the subject being used through the project. The subject herself, with full consent, willingly and without any force, was appearing before the camera.

Expriensing "A Monologue On Love":  http://monologue.saraabasnejad.com/