Home sweet home

On the first day, I painted an image of my family to my therapist which she found it the most peaceful. As the therapy went along I discovered a lot of injuries which was originated in my childhood. A relationship that was supposedly based on unconditional love and support is revealed to be one of inequality defined around a rigid framework set by the authority.
Childhood is filled with numerous challenges that start early on as a result of living with ones' parents in what is regarded as a child’s safe haven, home. For the kids, the journey of knowing the world starts from home and family. Parents try their best to make everything trustworthy, safe, and reliable. However, this effort might also cause all subjects to be absolute and unquestionable.
In this work, I explore the children's world searching tor the trail of everything that influences their identity. Perhaps, it is my own childhood and what I am looking for. What I am is indeed a mere reflection of those days.